Garden Information

The Tenancy Agreement states that YOU, as tenants, are responsible for making sure their gardens and hedges are maintained tidy and free of rubbish at all times.

Your garden includes grass, plants, bushes, hedges, trees,  outside walls, paths, paved areas, huts and fences.



  • Grass cutting (spring through to Autumn) – every 2/3 weeks
  • Hedge trimming (spring to Autumn) – every 3/4 weeks
Lawn Mower

YOU are responsible for the fence and any huts/garden furniture/toys in the garden.  Any items stored in a hut is your responsibility.

As well as maintaining your garden as a tenant, you must also make sure that your garden is free of rubbish at all times.

Brown Bins

The brown bins used for flowers, plants, garden weeds, grass cuttings, hedge clippings, twigs, small branches,  Christmas trees cut down to fit in bin – not soil.


Huts are only for storage of garden equipment/toys/bikes etc. They are NOT to be used to dump rubbish or unwanted items. They must be kept in good order i.e. no damage

If you have a dangerous tree in your garden, we will arrange for an inspection and necessary work to make it safe.

Failure to comply with the above is a breach of your tenancy agreement

Castlelets will take action against any tenant who fails to maintain their gardens to an acceptable standard.

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