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Edinburgh Council Bins, Recycling & Garden Waste Collection Dates

(You just need to look up your street name)

Edinburgh City Council offers a wide ranging service for all residents which includes:

  • Regular bin collections
  • Collection of ‘white goods’ (for example cookers, fridges and freezers). There is a charge for this service
  • Special collection of bulky items
  • Recycling of household waste
  • Skip hire

You can recycle up to 70% of your waste, including food waste, plastic bottles, packaging, paper and glass using red and blue boxes, food waste recycling and garden waste recycling.

Green Wheelie Bin – Recycling:

Tins, cans, paper, cardboard, envelopes, shredded paper, plastic bottles and bottle tops, pots, tubs and trays- put the items in loose, do not use plastic or black bags.

Some examples of pots, tubs and trays include yoghurt pots, tubs containing cleaning products, meat trays, margarine tubs, ready-meal containers, punnet style containers that hold fruit / vegetables such as mushrooms or grapes and pots containing facial or body creams.


The green bin will NOT be emptied if you have put non-recycle items into it.

If you need help putting out your bins or recycling boxes, Call Edinburgh council 0131 200 2000 to arrange assisted collection.

Grey lidded kerbside food waste bin

All types of food, including uncooked and cooked, excluding liquids like cooking oil and milk. Bag your waste in compostable bags or old plastic bags.

Blue Box

Glass,  small electrical items, batteries

Brown Bins

The brown bins are used for flowers, plants, garden weeds, grass cuttings, hedge clippings, twigs, small branches,  Christmas trees cut down to fit in bin – not soil.

Overfilled Bins

Edinburgh council do NOT collect extra waste beside bins or empty overfilled bins when the lid can’t be easily shut. Your bin will not be emptied and the council will not return to pick up the extra bags.  Your bin will be tagged, a warning letter will be sent and the council’s Environmental Wardens will investigate.


Overfilled Bins

Bins in the same place as your neighbours

If someone  else has put their rubbish into your bin after it’s been emptied, we can’t make extra collections. We would advise that you speak to your neighbours to make them aware that we have a policy of not collecting extra waste or overfilled bins.

Missed or overflowing bin. You can report a missed or overflowing bin. Before you do please check that:

  • your bin was out on the right day – see your collection calendar
  • your bin was on the kerbside by 6am and left out until 10pm
  • there are no delays in your area
  • the bin lid was fully closed
  • you are not report any extra bags left beside your bin

If the whole street has been missed or you have a more complex or ongoing problem to report, please contact with your full address and details on

Waste Services – General Enquiries

33 Murrayburn Road, Edinburgh, EH14  2TF, Tel: 0131 529 3030



This means illegally dumping rubbish on land. Fly-tipping is a serious offence and we will always prosecute if evidence is available.

Request collection for bulky waste items

Book a collection

You can book a collection by calling Edinburgh council, 0131 529 3030. When booking, let us know if you are disabled or have a medical condition and may require help.

Use this service for collecting items like mattresses, furniture, TVs, washing machines, fridge freezers, and carpets. Only items you have told us about will be picked up.

Your items should be on the kerbside for collection by 7am on your booked day.

If you have reusable items that could be donated to charity. Call the National reuse phone line on 0800 0665 820 to find out more information.

Cancellations and changes to booked uplifts

Booked uplifts can only be cancelled or changed up to 11.30 am the day before your uplift is due to take place. We can only accept changes and cancelations by phone on 0131 529 3030


The charges vary but the minimum charge is £21.  This is for a maximum of 6 items for bulky items including mattresses, furniture and electrical appliances.

It is £30.00 for up to and including 28 bags of garden waste. This includes branches that have been bundled and secured, clippings and cuttings. We will discuss the charge with you if you require more than 28 bags picked up.

It is £30.00 for up to and including 15 bags or items of building materials. This includes rubble, tiles plasterboard and paving slabs. We will discuss the charge with you if you require more than 15 bags picked up.

We will NOT uplift the following items:

pianos, storage heaters, household wheelie bins, car tyres, safes, barbed wire, spot welders, gas cylinders, garden poles with cement still attached, oxygen cylinders, cast iron baths, asbestos, electric or manual wheel chairs, fire extinguishers, household waste, food or sanitary products.


You can recycle and take other household rubbish to our community recycling centres, your local centre is: Bankhead Avenue, Sighthill, EH11 4EA

Recycling Centres During Covid

There is a change to attending the recycle centres at the moment. Attendance at the recycle centres are by appointment only.

Opening Hours

8am-7.30pm Monday to Friday (last entry is 7.25 pm): 8am-6pm Saturday and Sunday (last entry is 5.55 pm)

Entry Rules

Cars or single axle trailer carrying household waste are allowed at all sites.

Vans and double axle trailers carrying household waste are only allowed in at Sighthill. If coming in a hire van bring along your hire documents and proof that you are a resident in Edinburgh. Commercial vehicles are allowed at Sighthill.

Please note that branded vehicles and vehicles carrying commercial waste must have a waste carriers licence from SEPA and must be registered with us. You can get a registration pack by calling 0131 529 3030.

The following items can be recycled: bricks, rubble, loose soil, car batteries, cardboard, DVDs, CDs, videos and books (in reusable condition, no home videos or copied CDs), clothing and shoes including household textiles such as blankets, towels and curtains, all types of Cooking oil, energy saving light bulbs, engine oil, fridges and freezers, fluorescent tubes, garden waste including flowers, plants, garden weeds, grass clippings, hedge trimmings and leaves, gas bottles, glass bottles and jars all colours, household batteries, Hard plastics such as garden furniture, large electrical equipment including large household appliances, low grade wood such as chipboard, fencing, formica, hardboards, laminates, MDF, plywood and window frames, mattresses, metal, packaging including empty aerosols, aluminium foil, cans, anything cardboard, envelopes, food tins and plastic bottles, all water based paints, paper including magazines, newspaper, shredded paper, telephone directories and all other types of white paper, plasterboard, small electrical equipment such as computers, telephones, consoles, irons, hairdryers and other small household appliances, solid wood including doors, solid furniture and pallets, tyres, tv and computer monitors, furniture for re-use. Please note sofas and armchairs must have fire labels.

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