Looking After Your Neighbourhood

Stair Cleaning

It is your responsibility, along with all other residents, to keep the stair clean and tidy.  You should be prepared to clean the stair at least once a week.

It helps if you can agree with neighbours on a rota system to ensure that everyone takes their turn.

You have a duty to ensure that you do not dump rubbish or leave litter on the stair.

Black rubbish bags, blue boxes, shoes should not be left in the stairwell.

Stair Cleaning


Rubbish bags should be tied securely to avoid spillage and ensure vermin are discouraged.

Place your bins out on the street the night before collection.

DO NOT overfill your bin or it may not be emptied.

Once emptied bring the bill off the street. It must not be left out on the street.

Vandalism To Block:

Incidents of vandalism should be reported to Ed or Rich.

If you witness an act of vandalism, call the Police immediately.

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